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TransCanada – CSR – Society: TransCanada employees talk to a stakeholder. TransCanada – CSR – Society: TransCanada employees talk to a stakeholder.


Responsible Stakeholder Relations

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The fundamental role of any business is to fulfil a need for society. For TransCanada, that means delivering the natural gas that heats your home, the liquids that fuel your transportation and the electricity that powers your technology and lights the way.

But after 65 years of doing business, and with more than 70,000 neighbours across our three operating countries, we know there’s more to being a good business than just supplying the energy North Americans need.

On projects like the Energy East pipeline, we have faced some opposition that has been well documented in the media. Our approach has always been consistent: we need to listen closely to the needs and concerns of our stakeholders and communities, and respond with positive solutions in a way that meets people’s energy needs but is also done in a way that people can trust.

At the core of stakeholder engagement is building positive relationships and trust. This enhances TransCanada’s business performance by managing expectations, minimizing risk, identifying opportunities, and enhancing the quality of operating and development decisions.

It improves our business outcomes and, in return, stakeholders can express concerns and offer input in a collaborative manner with TransCanada.