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TransCanada – CSR – Society: TransCanada employees talk to a stakeholder. TransCanada – CSR – Society: TransCanada employees talk to a stakeholder.


Responsible Stakeholder Relations Our Approach to Stakeholder Engagement

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At TransCanada, we recognize that excellence in stakeholder engagement helps deliver value to the business, and we want to ensure it’s done in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

After more than two years of engagement with the Town of Greater Napanee, TransCanada employees developed meaningful relationships with local officials, stakeholders and residents to ensure that plans for the Napanee Generating Station project were communicated and feedback was heard so the facility will one day become an integrated part of the community.

Gordon Schermerhorn, the mayor of the Town of Greater Napanee, said during the June 2015 groundbreaking event for the project, “We are very pleased to have TransCanada in our community. From day 1, they have demonstrated great corporate citizenship which has made working with them a pleasure.”

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The Stakeholder Engagement Commitment Statement available on outlines our promise to stakeholders and provides guiding principles that employees and contractors are expected to follow when interacting with stakeholders.

Our four core values of integrity, collaboration, responsibility and innovation are at the heart of our commitment to stakeholder engagement. These values guide us in our interactions with our stakeholders – any person or groups who significantly affect, or who may be affected by, our business activities.

We strive to engage stakeholders early and often. Engaging with stakeholders means listening, providing accurate information, and responding to stakeholder interests in a prompt and consistent manner. TransCanada uses two-way communication processes with stakeholders to assist us in reaching high-quality business decisions.

The following principles are used as a filter to test and align engagement activities:

  • We identify and consider the perspectives of our stakeholders
  • We are visible, present and approachable in the community
  • We recognize that diverse thoughts, opinions and experiences contribute to better decisions and outcomes
  • We take ownership and accountability for our decisions and outcomes
  • We track, measure and report on our performance to learn and improve

It is our goal to be a good neighbour in all the communities where we live, work and do business. We are committed to ongoing engagement with stakeholders for the purpose of project development, asset maintenance, community safety outreach, emergency response plans and community investment.