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TransCanada – CSR – Society: TransCanada employees talk to a stakeholder. TransCanada – CSR – Society: TransCanada employees talk to a stakeholder.


Indigenous Peoples

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In 2015, TransCanada continued to build on more than 30 years of engaging with Indigenous communities. We advanced our commitment to building and maintaining long-term relationships with Indigenous communities based on respect, trust, open communication, and recognition that many of our activities occur on traditional lands.

In 2015, TransCanada engaged 376 Indigenous communities, groups and organizations in Canada and the U.S. Our commitment to meaningful engagement is further demonstrated by the 2,453 meetings our engagement practitioners held with 312 Aboriginal communities in relation to 23 projects and 21 facility projects in 2015.

Our projects have the potential to affect the lives of Indigenous people in very tangible ways. Respecting the rights of Indigenous peoples, while acknowledging and learning from Indigenous peoples’ distinct relationship to the land remains integral to our work.

Making sure Indigenous communities are meaningfully engaged and respected is critical to TransCanada’s success. By transparently sharing information and seeking input from Indigenous communities, we will be able to create better project plans for us, our rights holders, stakeholders and all our communities.

Distinct relationship

TransCanada understands that our relationship with Indigenous communities is distinct from their relationship with government.

At the same time, our engagement with communities continues to be informed by the rapidly evolving legal landscape and regulatory requirements in the countries where TransCanada operates, which have discrete laws pertaining to the protection of Indigenous rights and interests.

In response, TransCanada continues to monitor these changes and ensure they are reflected in our engagement with communities, as we strive not only to meet but also exceed regulatory requirements. On an ongoing basis, TransCanada also tracks developments regarding Indigenous rights at the international level.