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TransCanada – CSR – Society: TransCanada employees talk to a stakeholder. TransCanada – CSR – Society: TransCanada employees talk to a stakeholder.


Society Overview

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Making sure stakeholders like you are engaged and respected is critical to TransCanada’s success. We know that transparently sharing information and seeking your input will result in better plans — for us, for you and for our communities as a whole. TransCanada’s values — integrity, responsibility, collaboration and innovation — lay the foundation for how we work with each other and with you.

“At the heart of TransCanada’s competitive advantage are our employees and we owe much of our success to the fact that we have a highly talented and skilled workforce. Our values of integrity, collaboration, responsibility and innovation guide us in our interactions with each other and with our stakeholders.”

– Wendy Hanrahan, executive vice-president, corporate services

While we have strong relationships with thousands of communities and landowners backed by generations of co-operation and trust, we are also committed to earning public confidence from those communities we haven’t worked with yet.

We are committed to collaborating with, and listening to, our stakeholders to learn what matters to you and incorporate that into our plans.