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TransCanada – CSR – Society: TransCanada employees talk to a stakeholder. TransCanada – CSR – Society: TransCanada employees talk to a stakeholder.


Indigenous Peoples Engaging Indigenous Communities

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Being regarded as a good neighbour and a trusted developer is integral to carrying out our business activities in a way that fosters an environment of mutual benefit.

On the Coastal GasLink pipeline project, as many as 80 Aboriginal participants from communities in northern B.C. worked alongside our environmental scientists to collect immense amounts of data about the land, soils, vegetation, waterways, wildlife and history of this region. Read more at

Where our activities may affect Indigenous rights and interests, TransCanada:

  • engages Indigenous communities, as rights holders, to ensure they have a full understanding of the project to make their own determinations of potential project effects
  • works with communities to identify and mitigate project effects
  • works with communities to seek opportunities for their economic participation

TransCanada facilitates community participation in field studies to identify and address concerns and provides resources for communities to conduct Traditional Land Use studies that determine how planned activities may affect current traditional uses. This information is incorporated into project planning and decision-making and is included in the regulatory process.

TransCanada supports the participation of Indigenous communities within the regulatory process through a variety of means, including resource capacity funding that enables the review of project information and community meetings. On certain projects, capacity funding has enabled the Indigenous community to hire additional staff assigned to our projects. Where conditions emerge from the regulatory process, TransCanada also makes best efforts to involve Indigenous communities in activities that result from regulatory conditions.