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TransCanada 2014 CSR Report — Safety: Image of hardhats hanging on a wall TransCanada 2014 CSR Report — Safety: Image of hardhats hanging on a wall

2014 CSR | Safety

Safety Overview

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Our goal is to ensure that our pipeline and energy facilities operate safely every day and that the public, our employees and the environment are never negatively affected by an incident involving our assets. We know that our performance in safety and reliability influences your level of trust in us.

“I’m proud that for over 60 years we have demonstrated world-class safety performance and have one of the best safety records across our industry. Getting it right is more important than ever and we care deeply about the safety and people who work at, or live near, our facilities.”

– Jim Baggs, executive vice-president, operations and engineering

We have a top industry safety record in terms of the rate and severity of incidents at our facilities; however, we still believe every incident is preventable and continue toward our goal of realizing zero safety incidents. There are many complementary programs within the organization to help us achieve this goal, including our robust pipeline integrity program, research and development investment in the latest innovations, our public awareness program and first-responder outreach.

Our people routinely take on leadership roles on industry-wide safety improvement initiatives and reviews, and we are eager to adopt and share best practices and technologies that promote safe and efficient operations. We ensure we learn from others’ experiences as they learn from us.