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TransCanada 2014 CSR Report - Economy: Blurred night scene of a downtown street TransCanada 2014 CSR Report - Economy: Blurred night scene of a downtown street

2014 CSR | Economy

Economy Overview

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Your community benefits from the economic success of our operations as we pay taxes and employ staff. With $59 billion in assets in 2014, we paid $582 million in taxes in that year alone.

“We deliver more than just energy. The communities where we operate also receive tax benefits that help pay for things like schools, roads and hospitals.”

– Don Marchand, executive vice-president and chief financial officer

Our energy infrastructure is integral to the economy itself. It is relied upon every day to safely deliver 20 per cent of the continent’s natural gas supply, move one-fifth of Canada’s crude oil exports to U.S. markets and generate enough electricity for 11 million homes — one-third of which comes from emission-less sources.

We also have $46 billion in new commercially secured pipeline and power generation projects in development to help meet the world’s growing demand for affordable energy, delivered safely, responsibly and reliably.

As we work with you to embark on the period of unprecedented growth that lies ahead, our 60-year track record of commitment to safety, society, the environment and strong economic performance remains unwavering.

We also recognize we can achieve these ambitious growth goals by remaining guided by our values in how we work with you, treat one another and operate every day. Our Code of Business Ethics is firmly rooted in those values. It’s about doing what’s right.

Looking Ahead: Economy

We will advance $46 billion in commercially secured, capital-growth projects and provide ongoing jobs and tax benefits to our communities, whose governments use that income for things like schools, roads and hospitals.